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IEEE CIET Student Branch has been actively working towards organization of various events at the university level as well as under the Delhi Section. IEEE-WIE is also an active affinity group under the society. The society is currently chaired by Kartik Vij.


In sync with IEEE tagline “Advancing Technology for Humanity” , IEEE CIET student branch focuses on collaboration of IEEE members to work on world‐changing technologies for solving global challenges. The branch activities aim at developing skills in latest technologies through expert sessions and workshops and leveraging the skills for solving challenges by organizing codeathons, hackathons and other such events.


Being active throughout the year, IEEE CIET is always on the lookout for collaboration from other organisations.

WIE At Chitkara University

IEEE CIET Student Branch also has the WIE affinity group working under its umbrella and is currently chaired by Kavya Kapoor. The group has been enthusiastically working to come up with events that will contribute in the uprising of women in the technical world. We have organized numerous expert talks and competitions at the university level as well as the regional level with an aim of involving maximum female participants.

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Events 2020

Workshop On Adobe XD
If you are researcher or UI/UX designer or App Developer it is for you Only researchers can understand these points i. The research papers have high rate of rejection (up-to 95 % depending on the journals) ii. It is common to receive a comment that “The figures quality is poor” Hence, the figures play important role in our lives. So, join this workshop to overcome this with absolutely no-theory workshop Only UI/UX designer/App Developer can understand these points:
i. You maybe a good developer but what appeals to the customer is said to be best.
ii. The UI/UX is not just about the designs its about the process of designing.
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Delhi Student Congress (IIIT Delhi)

The IEEE CIET STUDENT BRANCH attended the Delhi Section Congress 2019 at IIIT-D on 12th and 13th of October. The DSC 2019 commemorated with the theme to Inspire Inclusive Innovation, and the events covered were- Panel discussion, Volunteer Training, Tech Quiz, Networking Event, and Student Branch Presentations. The event were insightful with learning and knowledge at its core. Also we got 3rd position in student representation .

IEEE Day (2019)

On the 10th anniversary of IEEE in India and in the Chitkara University, the IEEE CIET STUDENT BRANCH is celebrating the IEEE DAY on 3rd and 4th of Octoberin collaboration with CodingBlocks. The day further progressed with two events- 1. Craft with IEEE 2. Sketch Your Ideas The first event “Craft with IEEE” It offered an opportunity to sift through ideas and think out of the box. In addition to enjoyable time and celebration of 1st event, the IEEE CIET organised "Sketch with IEEE" to bring up the creative skills of students.The day ended with joyful events by reaching out to the students and directly influencing them to collaborate with the society.

Workshop on
Augmented Reality-Virtual Reality

IEEE Student Branch, CIET organized a 3-days workshop from 17th-19th January, 2019.

The topic of the workshop was Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.

It was conducted by the faculty members of the CURIN (Chitkara University Research and Innovation Network) department and around 30 students participated.

Hack With Her 2.0

WIE (Women in Engineering), IEEE CIET Student Branch in collaboration with IEEE PEC organized Hack With Her 2.0.

The event was a Women's day special and second edition of Hack with Her, which started on 8th March and reached to its ravishing end on 9th March.

The overnight coding competition (Codeathon) and prototyping competition (Makeathon) witnessed full enthusiasm from the participants' end.

Expert Talk on
Multidisciplinary Research

IEEE CIET Student Branch has organised an Expert Talk on Multidisciplinary Research on 4th February 2019.

The event was headed by Dr. Nitin Saluja, Associate Director, (Chitkara University Research and Innovation Network) and the founder of GFF Innovations Pvt. Ltd.

Expert Talk on
Idea to Startup

WIE, IEEE CIET Student Branch organized an expert talk on 15 February, 2019.

The topic for the talk was Idea to Startup. The event started with a brief about the journey of an idea becoming a start-up.

The talk was delivered by the CEO of CRAAFTZ which is currently working under (Chitkara University Center for Entrepreneurship Education and Development).

Hack with her 3.0!
Registrations Open!

WHAT IS Hack With Her?

Keeping in mind our goal of involving maximum females in the engineering field and to encourage them, IEEE CIET Student Branch organizes a hackathon under the WIE Affinity group – Hack With Her. The competition is a section-level event and comprised of two separate segments – Coding Hackathon and Hardware Hackathon.

Hack With Her 3.0 will take place in
MARCH 2020

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